About Me

My name is Mike Myles. I'm a professional software designer, performing musician, woodworker, avid cyclist, and loving husband to my very beautiful and talented wife Tammy. She's also a musician, and works as a freelance graphic designer with her business Schatz Graphics.

My wife & I were both born and raised in the shadow of New York City. However, we didn't meet until years later when we were both residing in New England. We met while playing in clubs with local rock bands. We currently live in Southern New Hampshire, near Manchester. We both appreciate the beautiful landscape and friendly people of the region.

Even though we enjoy our home and our pets we both love to travel as often as we can. Our first trip to Europe together was to see Richard Thompson perform in Paris - which was really just my excuse to get Tammy to come with me to the most romantic city on the planet so I could ask her to marry me... lucky for me, she accepted.

I put this website together to share information about my career as a software designer along with my interests in music and art; particularly woodworking, photography, stained glass and other endeavors I engage in when I'm not sitting in front of a computer working hard to pay the bills.

This site is a never ending work-in-progress for me, so expect regular changes, new items, areas under construction, etc... It will change as my life changes, which happens all the time.